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I'm a man
I'm a woman
We always use full grain or top grain leather for all our wallets, this ensures quality and durability.   Our jewelry are made of high quality materials such as natural polished stones. We care about details and so should you!   We love the feeling of wearing unique accessories, and we hope this is hugely reflected in our products.

New Arrivals



  Lucleon is all about accessories for men.
     We embrace masculinity aswell as the creative mind,
       push boundaries and remain classic.

        Luc is a natural born leader.
         He represents loyalty and respect while being fun and outgoing.

          Leon is the lion and masculinity within every man.
          He resides deep in your soul,
         has an empowering love for the world and carries a great deal of self respect.

       Luc & Leon both attract quite a lot of famale attention due to these characteristics.
     Aswell as seemingly effortlessly get what they desire in life.


Looking for local stores in your country?

Lucleon is widely spread especially across Scandinavia, both in physical stores but also online.
If you prefer to buy locally, instead of directly from us, we cooperate with one of the largest online retailers for jewelry and accessories for men, Trendhim.
You can see links to the local sites below:

www.trendhim.dk (Denmark)
www.trendhim.se (Sweden)
www.trendhim.no (Norway)
www.trendhim.nl (Netherlands)
www.trendhim.fi (Finland)


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